I got locked out of Twitter...

So I never saw this coming but it's kind of my own fault. I've been locked out and it wants me to change my password to log in which requires a link sent to email. Except I tried to log in to said email, created long ago for the use of miscellaneous accounts like this originally was, only to find it's been 'deactivated due to inactivity'. Thanks???!?!? I never enabled an alternative login because I thought I'd always be able to log in that way.

So quite unspectacularly and anticlimatically, I've suddenly lost access to the account I've been using for 8 years. There's a process to go through with support that I don't fancy putting myself through because I reckon I'd have to prove I own it in some way that involves disclosing personal info and I just don't want to do that.

Any annoyance I feel comes from the fact I'd recently been able to use the account in a way that felt more creative than just Endless Scrolling because I've been sharing craft projects and literally just started a 'non-daily daily' music thread. And my bookmarks are just gone too, I suppose. Again I don't feel as upset as I would have expected in this situation. I think it helps I'd unlocked the account so everything I posted is still there, including my list of follows if I wanted to find everyone again, though I now can't change anything. My bio is permanently stuck with a terrible song reference in it.

So now the question is if I bother making a new account. If you got booted off a sinking ship, would you try and get back aboard? I'd installed an extension to cover up some of the Recent Bullshit so was genuinely enjoying using the site again. I do think something smells a bit fishy about how I've been kicked out unceremoniously- it just *doesn't* log me out like that- and wonder if they can detect people using these extensions. Idk. If I did it would mainly be to let people know what has happened. As it is I have ways of reaching out to the people I do chat to so it's not too much of a worry.

Another prudent reason not to would be I can sense my usage of the site getting to an unhealthy level again. On the other hand making a new account is a chance to clear out things I am not interested in and keeping follows to actual people.

I've found there are positive ways to engage with people on social media. Sharing creative things with people recently has given me confidence. The question is how I do this. If anything, I can definitely build this site a bit more with what I've been doing recently.